Monday, October 8, 2012

Poems, portraits and painting....among other things

 Week Highlight:  you really had to be there but my second grade students were singing along to Ray Charles and "What I'D Say".  Of course, they only repeated guttural sounds, but awesome nonetheless ;-)

Second... I was demonstrating a painting technique with a sixth grade group.  They gathered around, as they always do and the idea is for them to attention.  Well, there are the few that fall short of this goal, from time to time.  As I was painting away and looking down, I said something like, "Julian stop playing with your jacket and pay attention".  Well, I didn't think much of it, until I hear, "How do you do that???!!", with exclamation and over my shoulder.  I turn around and ask "do what?".  "That!  You are not even looking up and you know what people are doing!!!"  I smirked and said, "Magic". 

 First Grade: Ellsworth Kelly and nature
Continuing with our Art Adventure, this week we explore drawing enormous in a really small space.  Ellsworth Kelly created many wonderful drawing of flowers and plants that later became abstract simplified paintings.  The students creating small "windows" to express the idea of something looking really big. 


Second Grade: Finding our Faces and "I am" poems
We are slowly wrapping up our self-portraits.  I am still just amazed at the wonderful results these students are coming up with.  More so, they are really demonstrating a lot of growth, both in skill and in character.  As a culminating activity, each students writes an "I am" poem, in reflection of who they are, their dreams, their hopes....their pretends..... 
Seriously, who doesn't pretend they are a princess once in a while, or wonder what a dog would say if it could speak.... 
First/ Second Bilingual: Compartir, mostrar respecto, ayudarse unos a otros:
In their final stage of building a good community within their class, these students express and demonstrated what they will do towards "Working Together".  A huge paper plate necklace was hung up with their written expressions.
Third Grade:  Meeting Paul Cezanne and his astonishing apples
With berets, this week the third grade 'met' Paul Cezanne and understood how a little courage, a small gesture and a basket of apples can change who you are.  The story has it, when Cezanne was a young boy, he was very shy.  One day he found the courage to stand up for his friend and was later thank with a basket of apples.  A friendship was created and hundreds of apples appeared in his paintings.  The third grade French artists are now exploring how they will astonish the school with an apple...
Fourth Grade:  Laying down the base colors
In their effort to re-create the 'crime scene', fourth grade investigators used their pattern samples to guide how their final renditions will look.  

Fifth Grade:  Paleolithic Students
It was a wonderfully dark and gloomy day for this portion of the unit.  With the lights turned off and the blinds drawn, the art room glowed solely by blue light of the overhead projector...The students were a little surprised when I told them the paper is under their desks.  They kinda looked at me like I was crazy, dropped jaws and all.  But!  They did not hesitate to get down and dirty :)

Sixth Grade:  Letters, Letters and Letters
Slowly these very patient sixth grade students are completing their names.  Unfortunately for some such as Alejandro, he has a bit more work to do than someone like Noe....sometimes it's just not fair :o)
MILE: Scarecrows
Traced out hands for hay, ripped mulberry paper for patches and, of course buttons for the shirts, make for the most perfect guardians of Sanborn.  Now the school is safe.  Phew!
 Check back for the upcoming week's lessons.  
I am now tired.:(

xoxo, SMocK you!