Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Art Adventure...

Throughout the year, first grade students venture in the amazing story of Anna and her quest to find the toilet in Anna's Art Adventure.  It's a remarkable story of adventure, mystery and urgency.The story introduces my students to artists and their styles, with quirky references and a red dress.  

A few of weeks ago, I filled a couple of buses with 6th graders and headed to the Art Institute of Chicago for their annual art field trip.  Along with jumping (or trying to jump-the AIC is a big place) from group to group, I snapped photos of some very important art works... at least to my 1st graders...

Such as the hunt to find the toilet, my quest was to find the artworks and artists Anna encounters on her search.

Luckily, my hunt lasted about 20 minutes as apposed to the 9 months my first graders had to endure.

Here is My Art Adventure in the 
Art Institute of Chicago:

Ellsworth Kelly 

Rembrandt van Rijn

Edvard Munch

Piet Mondrian

 Vincent van Gogh

Pablo Picasso

 Insert Andy Warhol HERE.  

 Rene Magritte

Marc Chagall

Paul Cezanne

Henri Matisse

Jackson Pollock

Marcel Duchamp

Salvador Dali

Mrs. Angelopoulos

Because when you've gotta go...

Check out the full 1st grade curriculum, with a complete power point presentation.

xoxo, Smock Room.