Monday, September 21, 2015


to the Good Days....

As teachers, we are on constant roller coasters that wind, whip, creep, climb, drop and loop throughout the years. 
 Some years never seem to end, while some years in a blink, they are done.
Some years are one challenge after the other, while other years are full of sense of achievement.
Some days you wonder if you did anything that mattered to any student, while other days you receive a glimpse of something that mattered.  
Today was one of those days.
While shuttling off students, after school, to their various modes of transportation, one student came up to me and asked me why I did not teach his class this year, "I miss you", he said. 
Due to our school's growing population, their is another art teacher that instructs 2 classes. 
 I explained to him the reason and then asked him "why"?
"She doesn't teach like you do", he said with a subtle whine.
There hasn't been a smile on my face the entire time of my teaching career but I can say that today,
"I'm still smiling".

xoxo, Smock You.