Thursday, December 17, 2015

'Tis the Season...

Merry Holidays to All

As the clock starts ticking towards Friday 3:25pm, we suddenly feel a sense of elation, joy and bliss.  This feeling is not because of the exodus of our students (and ourselves) but 'the season' suddenly hits us and our teacher eyes start to glisten, as we anticipate 2 weeks to focus on our families, ourselves and our non-teacher lives.  For a short while, we turn off the teacher switch, begin to speak to our husbands like they are adults (not elementary students), eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in more than 10 minutes and then get a little anxious because we are off our schedule.:)

It's time to dance, and

Sit in a cafe with friends and drink a cup of coffee, and

stroll through the avenues, leisurely, and

play around with old friends.

These images, by Ed Wheeler, tell a short but sweet story:)

Have a great break!

xoxo, Smock you.