Monday, September 12, 2016

Looking like a kid....

Exploring The Art Institute of Chicago
with two young ladies...

Just recently, I had to fabulous opportunity to visit The Art Institute of Chicago with two young ladies of ages 8 and 6.  This may sound like a disaster waiting to happen to some and an exciting day to others.  The day   full of joy and excitement, mystery and surprises, doughnuts and pasta.  It was, also, full of discovery and learning:)  
Of course.
I discovered how much, as adults, we stop looking like a kid.
I discovered how much, as adults, we are quick to judge.
I discovered how much, as adults, our perceptions are askew by the knowledge we think we have.
I discovered how much, as adults, we find comfort in the known.
I discovered how much, as adults, we stop having fun.

We, three ladies, ventured through the museum scavenging for various art works when we can across
"The First Part of the Return of Parnassus", by Cy Twombly.  Twombly, being one of my favorites, captured our attention, as well as, the crowd of adults standing in front of this massive painting.
At first glance, yes, there are wiggles and squiggles.
At first glance, yes, it appears a kindergarten student picked some writing instruments and began to doodle.
At first glance, yes, you can say, "I can do that"....but really, can you?

It was here that an adult captured my attention with his vague and simplistic viewing of this art work.  This is the artwork at which I heard, "My kid can do that".
At first glance, sure, your kid can do that....but take another look....can they?

My sweet young art adventurers took another look and came up with a different view.  They discovered that the artist was trying to tell us something. A story.
They realized that the wiggles, squiggles and doodles were organized and not just squiggles, wiggles and doodles.
"He's like keeping track or something", said an 8 year old.

Sure, these young ladies do not know and do not see the big picture, but they see small and that's important.  We proceeded to complete our art museum adventure giggling at all the butts.


smock you.