Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Japanese Tea Ceremony and a Sayonara to Japan...

It's a wonderfully sad day for the third grade travellers.....
we are leaving Japan.
But not before a tea ceremony!

The past few weeks fly by as we landed in the great city of Yokyo and delved in to the art and culture of the Land of the Rising Sun.  Although our adventure was short, we really learned a lot!

In preparation, we used the pinch pot method to form our simple and fragile little tea cups. 
 And glazed them with colors that exploded into a wonderful surprise!

Along the way, we set goals for ourselves and filled in the eye of the great Daruma!  We are going to try really hard to read 30 minutes everyday, and make art everyday and clean our rooms at least once a week. 

The simple utencils of chopsticks became a canvas of design and inspiration.

The final ceremony would not have been complete without some green tea, mochi and "arigato"postcards to our friends, Yianna and Helios.

Gyotaku: Fish Print

See you soon in the