Sunday, December 2, 2012

special delivery, the science of color, school rules....

Highlight:  Towards the end of one of  the 4th grade classes, the conversation of which class they like best, amongst the kids. One young boy states, "She's so strict"!  Listening to this conversation and recognizing the voice, I chuckle to myself knowing very well I am strict because I encourage all my students to work, especially those that wish not to.  Well, then I hear...."Mrs. Angelopoulos is strict because she loves us!", from his friend.  "I do love you," I respond.
inflatable Scream

First Grade:  Expressing our fears....
We first big first graders know that it is just fine to be a little scared sometimes.  This week, began creating their haunting wallpaper by using something that makes them scream.  The 'wallpaper' is created using a resist method with oil pastels and watercolor paints.  After finishing their repeated patterns, each student needed to complete the sentence "I scream when I see ___________________".  
using our adventure books to guide our drawings
Henri Toulouse Lautrec example
First/Second Bilingual AND Second Grade:  Expanding our scope of community....
2nd grades plan for the year

I decided to use the same lesson for these grade levels because it seemed to fit their over all themes for the year.  First/Second Grade continues to focus on the skills and ideas of working within a community and Second grade's sequential theme is "school".   In order to connect the students' learning to something in their own world, we focused on the three repeated 'rules' of the school:  

The Tiger Traits.
Be Respectful
Be Responsible 
Be Safe
final practice sketch
We looked at posters from Henri deToulouse-Lautrec.  Although we sometimes could not read the words, we definitely were able to interpret their meanings.  Combining the stylistic characteristics of Mr. Toulouse (as we like to call him) and our Tiger Traits, we began by practicing our lettering and sketching our poster ideas.

Practicing our lettering

Third Grade:  Entering the Land of the Rising Sun....
special delivery
Mt. Fuji, Sakura and a pagoda
history box
YEAH!!! for special deliveries!  We received two very heavy suitcases from our friends Yianna and Helios this week.  With a big Konichiwa we entered the amazing country of Japan.  The most difficult aspect of designing this unit was designing a unit that afforded my students to learn as much as they can in a very short amount of time.  As I was working on the lessons, the projects, the overall activities, I surrendered to the fact that we can not cover everything. :(  Seriously, we can stay in Japan the rest of the year....So, we have 6 weeks and that's it!
art box
With incredible excitement, we opened the History Box and the Art box to find numerous treasures and of course some wonderful Japanese sweet treats of mochi.  We just looked, we just listened and we for 45 minutes, we filled our passports (and extra paper) with the history and culture of Japan.... we took notes.  It's so great to see these students 100% invested in this journey around the world.  Maybe next week, we'll make something. :)  Our goal is to make our own tea cups and participate in a Tea Ceremony while enjoying our mochi with chopsticks....we'll see if we fill the second pupil of Daruma.
"Although it fall over, it always stands up"
complimentary colors

Fourth Grade:  Seeing colors....
When you throw in a little magic everything looks different.  
Andy Warhol print
As we continue to investigate Andy Warhol and his mischievous ways, we have to consider how color played an important role in his artwork.  This is probably one of my most favorite lessons to explore: color theory and how color can play tricks with your eyes.  I think I love this lesson because I love color and understanding how it works in art.  And the students just love it!  Why do some colors appear to float?  Why do some colors appear to glow?  Why do some colors appear to move back or forward?
exploring red on different backgrounds
Students used fadeless flat squares and rectangles to explore how color combinations change the outcome of a painting or print.  Our next step is preparing our screens for some screen printing!
using the most intense combinations on a Warhol soupcan

inspiration for screen printing


Fifth Grade:  the writing is on the wall....
Unfortunately, I did not capture any recently completed graffiti words!!!!  Oof.  What can I say.  Currently, the fifth graders are explaining their word choice through a descriptive paragraph...  Pics next week :( Click HERE for a PBS documentary.

sixth grade contour drawing: 3 Musketeers

Sixth Grade:  All wrapped up....
Ferro Rocher
Well, it was time for the Wimpy Art Kids to show me their drawing skills, once again.  They are amazing!!! I mean, just look at the intensity in the photo.  These drawings will be photocopied and will be used in additional value and color study drawings.  CAN'T WAIT!  
being a potter...
Of course, mini-pottery lessons are still in full swing!  The students who threw in the past 12 weeks will be glazing. 
rolling out a slab
Busy little hands made for great results!  These great students worked really hard on rolling out clay slabs, pressing a cookie cutter circle and glazing.  One last clear coat and they will be ready to re-fire.  Each student made a set of 4 coasters with their own unique squiggles and wiggles.  Just in time for gift giving! :)   Walking through a trendy store, I saw these wonderful coasters in sets of 4.  It gave me a wonderful idea to create our own with our own special touches.
perfect little paintings

 See you next week in the SMocKroom!