Saturday, March 9, 2013

School Inspirations....

I have been thinking about how to begin this blog post for a few days now.  And for those out there that know me, I tend to be a 'tell it like it is' type of girl but with a rhetorical approach that sometimes....surprises the unsuspecting.  In addition, I verbalize about 5% of what is stirring around in my mind.  I preface with this explanation because my blood has been boiling for the last few days, and here's why....

Friday afternoon, I was sitting around a kitchen table with blonde haired, blue eyed, 5 year old lovable little girl...having some fun with some educational card games.  Amongst the commotion and the games, a discussion began about education and "what they should really do".  The infamous "They", who is undefined and ambiguous. As I sat there and listened....and listened and listened...(remember 5%) I thought of the notion of literacy (being literate) and how, apparently, everyone is an expert and everyone has a clear understanding of education and what "they should do".  "They should just get rid of all the old teachers and bring in some young blood".  "They'll find other jobs".  (which makes me laugh out loud, literally).  I proceeded to count coins and create patterns with my little girl, as the conversation progressed and my tolerance thinned.  At one point, I was having an out of body experience, seeing myself turn to these gentlemen and looking at them dead in the eyes and saying "you're an __________ idiot".   

But I didn't.

Instead, I turned away from the flash cards and the 5% came out, calmly and teacher-like, "Maybe you should know more about educational policy, reform and state laws, instead of all this chitter-chatter about something you don't know much about" (making the chatting gesture with my left hand).  At which time, SURPRISE!  and a hush blankets the kitchen.

And you may wonder why I didn't say more, or take a really active role in the conversation.  I have discovered that trying to have a thoughtful discussion with people that know "what they should do", only resolves in my blood boiling and their intolerable ignorance inflated....offering no conclusion and in the end, I'm just a teacher.  What the hell do I know!

So, here's my 95%.  "Thanks for the incredible insight and knowledgeable approach to a behemoth of a complicated topic but from now on....let the professionals do the heavy lifting.  Good effort, though." 


PS.  Oh, and we'll try not to have another snow day, as to not disrupt your schedule.  Because that's what the goal is...right? (insert word that defines this person here....)

xoxo, SMocK you.