Sunday, March 3, 2013

School Inspirations....

Creative Challenge

challenge found on pinterest

Part of what stumps people from creating something is what to do.  As an art teacher I hear this quite often in my art room. "I don't know what do to!!!!", said, of course with a passionate whine.  Currently, my 6th grade students are designing and executing independent projects.  A bit of a selfish act, I must confess.  After 6 years of teaching them all they need to know about art (well, as much as can be squeezed into an hour a week), I decided to put myself in "time out".  I declared my students' independence in their art making and my liberation of telling them what do to.  Incredibly enough, 6th grade students do not like either option. 

For the amount of work they are responsible for completing, they are taking this creative challenge quite well.  Even expressing enthusiasm and personal investment.

Now, I challenge you, your students, your children and your friends....
make something everyday.

Step ONE: One sketch, doodle, drawing a day.....spend 10 minutes, 30 minutes...5 hours.  Just draw....on a napkin, on a piece of paper, in you daily a calendar, in a meeting ;-)

Step TWO: take a snapshot

Step THREE: share your drawing.  Post your artwork on the SMocK Facebook page

Take the challenge and see what you discover.
xoxo, SMocK you.