Sunday, September 8, 2013

Everybody doin' the crayon and balloon painting...

The Crayon Song....
Andre 3000 makes kid songs with cool beats and addictive lyrics.

I accidentally came across the Class of 3000, when googling "crayon lessons" for my introduction to the school theme.  It was a fantastic surprise.  With the first beat, I was hooked to the 2 minute song of 
Along with the great beats came the perfect message for my students to connect, in just a couple of sentences.  Take a listen.  I promise you will be hooked.  My students come into the art room singing The Crayon Song (even the 6th graders!) 
As the first couple of weeks went on, all students (580-something of them) became part of the crayon box and pledged to do "the crayon".

painting with balloons

Part of our Sanborn family are a group of students who light up the hallways and make our days a little brighter.  They are our special needs students from the MILE program and, although they may face challenges, they, indeed express endless strengths.  They make us smile.  The focus for the year in art is building basic skills and following directions....because sometimes we just don't feel like working....
We use simple tools and materials, creating experiences that affords the students to use their senses and build their fine motor skills.  
In our first art project, we used balloons and paint, creating really amazing abstract expressionist paintings.  There was only one person that really dirtied their clothes...and it wasn't a student.  Luckily the paint was "washable".
dab and dab and dab

inflated balloons (about 3 inches)
tempera paints
construction paper

dip the balloon in paint

an abstract expressionist painting emerges
Have a great week!  
xoxo, SMocK you.