Tuesday, September 10, 2013

National Arts in Education Week....

This week celebrates 
National Arts in Education!

What in the world does that mean???  

Well, it means that there was a resolution passed by the US House of Representatives designating the week to arts education and celebrating, emphasizing and encouraging the importance for the arts in the educational development of students, young and old, across the country.

What does this mean???

Well....it means the arts (dance, theatre, visual arts, music, media) are an essential component in the development of students and their growth as creative, innovative, collaborative and reflective global citizens.  That aside from making messes, having fun and just painting, students are working on problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, and communication skills....skills

I had a wonderful experience this morning that illustrates my advocacy.  Just the other day I received a parent phone call from a mother that was just mortified by the content of my lesson and "I would never think that this would be aloud in a public school" and "I will be curious how this works out".  
Was/is my material slightly edgy?  
Does it capture the attention of all my students?  
Every time. 
After speaking with the mom, my new principal walks in to my classroom to ask about the lesson (obviously because my response to her was not satisfactory).  As we talked about the situation, the emphasis reflected on how parents really do not know EXACTLY what is happening my classroom or other classrooms for that matter.  Well, I gave my principal my lesson (packet and all) and expressed the true objective for the overall lesson.  This morning and while setting up for our faculty meeting, he turns to me and mentions that he looked over my lesson.   He stated, "It is the most well conceived lesson he has ever seen".  
Makes you wonder about what in the world in happening in the art room ;-)

So, don't underestimate the influence and power of art.  Grab a crayon and celebrate its magic.  
OH, you, probably, are wondering what the lesson is all about....
Well...here's a hint: King Solomon, Newman from Seinfeld, and Homer Simpson....
Stay tuned for the 5th grade post ;-)

xoxo, SMocK you.