Sunday, October 20, 2013

Me in the Middle....second grade

targeting who we are

  My second grade students began their journey of self discovery with some pretty awesome self-portraits.  Their exploration began with a little bit of homework, in which they had to complete a couple of activities about themselves.

We started our slow drawing process, focusing on the details that make us unique and, of course, looking very carefully into a mirror.  

We often work in a mixed medium process, combining a few drawing and painting techniques to achieve the best results.  In this project, we had to keep in mind that we are not made from paint, or crayons, or oil pastels but the combination of these materials help our self-portraits look "Me-ish".

 To Do:
1.  Draw self-portrait with pencil
2.  Choose the most appropriate skin tone (various and several pre-mixed tones)
3.  Paint skin tone, being careful around the facial features
4.  Paint one background color
5.  Trace the entire painting with a black crayon (pressing hard, "coloring on the line")
6.  Choosing the most appropriate colors for the hair, from oil pastels
7.  Fill in eyebrow color, eye color and lip color (demonstrating different color combinations to achieve a realistic effect)
8.  Matte on black construction paper
9.  Write an "I AM" poem

      The results were amazing and truly captured the unique personalities of each student, through their self-portraits and the honest thoughts they expressed in their poems.

xoxo, SMocK you.