Friday, November 7, 2014

A great day at the IAEA Conference....

I always look forward to the fall because conferences begin and inspiration takes hold.  This weekend, I attended, as a presenter and an attendee, the annual Illinois Art Education conference, and it was a great.

And here is why:

1.  Intellectual conversation. Don't get me wrong, being an elementary art teacher conversation is not lacking, neither is the intellectual part.  Oddly enough, first graders can make you really reflect with their casual observations, making your head dizzy at times.  Nevertheless, sitting and chatting with an art Ed professor about the doctoral program from Northern Illinois University also has its benefits.   

2. We may see each other infrequently but the bonds created with other art teachers throughout the past five years have evolved to be strong, supportive and, incredibly fun.  

3.  Either being in the audience or presenting to a full house, I learn so much!  There are some great ideas out there and art teachers are going above and beyond the call of duty to share and connect with their art education community.  Awesome.

4.  The air seems cleaner more crisp after an invigorating, inspirational and motivating shot in the arm.  I love what I do.

It doesn't hurt much.
In the photo, I am with my friend, colleague and amazing art teacher Jeanette Thompson.  We received a couple of grants.  

Be an inspiration, stay committed, and ignite your passions.