Friday, November 7, 2014

Getting Back Into a Groove...,

I find the process of starting the school year exhausting and confusing.  It is as though my equilibrium of life, surprisingly, changes and throws my into a spin.  The spin eventually slows a bit, but geez Louise what a ride!  

With that said, I am mindfully (and with conscious effort) focusing on updating this blog more frequently.  I'm not sure if the spin is slowing but I feel ready to devote some time towards sharing what I do in my art room.

So what has been going on.....?
But let me share my art adventure, in brief, with my 3rd grade students.  In our art adventure with our pen pals, Yianna and Helios, we landed in Mexico, exploring the art and culture of a vibrant country.  For this lesson we focused on the folk art of "amate"--bark paintings, and their purpose of documentation in history.  
Throughout time, their purpose changes and this beautiful tradition changed to a decorative form of art. 
Decorative is great but decorative doesn't always engage students.  
Instead I balanced the cultural aspect of bark paintings with the contemporary Mexican artist and author, Carmen Lomas Garza.  Garza beautifully captures her memories of family traditions through colorful, playful and approachable renderings of her childhood.  For our project, we reflected on a memory that is special and....well....we created it as an "amate".

These young students found meaning in their work but more so pride.  
A wonderful storytelling experience.
Check back for more snapshots and additional resources.