Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love is......Jim Dine and the community of Palatine

Second grade love songs.... 
student work in progress
"Love is...when I push my grandpa in his wheelchair because his legs were broke"
2nd grade student, "Four Hearts"

Around this time of the year, an art teacher favorite is Jim Dine and his many many interpretations of a heart.  While thinking about my 2nd graders journey in connecting themselves to the world, I thought how do I emphasize that art and their art making can impact the community....with an art show: You Can't Have Art Without Heart 
The overarching goal of this art unit is to explore the idea of love and understand the different ways people use actions to show it.
Our leading question was,
"Love is.......?"
Jim Dine, "Four Hearts"

While considering this question, the students were responsible in creating a set of four hearts using a variety of different materials.  Much like a studio class, the experimentation of how materials worked (or didn't work) together developed the students' understanding of various mediums and afforded them the independence to explore and discover. 

Their art lesson was divided into two segments:

First, the students created a drawing, referencing Jim Dine's, Four Hearts.  Dine's playful, imaginative and instinctive paintings inspired my students to think past the traditional heart symbol.  Some of their goals were to use at least two different mediums within one heart and refect on "show me your heart".  In a group discussion we really focused on  what the heart shape symbolizes, the uniqueness of everyone's heart and how people show love differently to different people.

student work

8.5"x11" cardstock with heart xeroxes
oil pastels
watercolor paints
colored pencils
metallic crayons

Jim Dine heart sculptures
Second, we looked at how Jim Dine created sculptures with the simple heart shape.  In this segment the students translated a 2D drawing into a 3D mini-sculpture, using a "CD" the base for our "Love is....".  The primary focus was the students' ability to transfer from one idea to another by adapting their 2D skills to a 3D format.  

Students rolled, pinched and cut out their squishy hearts made from Model Magic.  They traced a CD to create their heart base and proceeded to apply the same steps from their drawings.  This activity employed the students to reflect and really process what they learned the week before; what steps they took and the process of working with various materials.  The most significant component was their "Love is...." statement.  All students reflected and interpreted the way love is expressed.  In completing their statements, they need to express an action ("-ing" word), aside from kissing and hugging.  Although 2nd graders still tend to be a bit squeamish about those two actions.  "EEEEwwwww", was the resounding response.

After completion and left to dry, we hot glued the heart to the center of the circle.  Now, all we need is a turntable.
student sculpture and drawing

CD or round template
Model Magic
same materials as drawings
hot glue gun

The student drawings and sculptures will be on display at the Palatine Public Library!

            You Can't Have Art without Heart

Wednesday, Feb 13 2013, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Kids - Family Events
Main Library

Gather the family for a "rainy day" of hearts, storytime, and a chance to create your own heart craft to take home for Valentine's Day. Student artwork from Sanborn Elementary School will be on display.  All are welcome to attend.

student work
see you back in the

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