Thursday, February 14, 2013

The day it rained hearts at the Palatine Public Library....

What a wonderful evening!
Second grade students from Sanborn Elementary School showed off their art skills during their art exhibition at the Palatine Public Library.  The evening started with a book reading of "The Day it Rained Hearts" and ended off with young visitors taking pictures amongst the "raining hearts".  It was great to see lots of my students drop by, give hugs to one another, show off their art work to their parents and be a part of this wonderful event!

Wall display
Thoughtful response to "Love is..."


Check out Palatine Public Library's webpage for upcoming projects and events!

It's raining I have to wear shades...

The amazing staff at the Library set up a "photo booth" in a corner of the exhibit space.  The sunglasses are just a clipart to conceal the student's identity.  She's super cute either way!

 Along with mingling with friends, checking out the awesome art work and treating themselves to some cookies and juice, visitors were able to hang out and create their own hearts to take home. 

Lucky me....I was given one ;-)

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See you back in the

xoxo, SMocK you.