Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Visual Literacy

Developing a literacy for art, 
instead of making cute pictures.

I am slowly understanding how to be a blogger and what it all entails.  I have, recently, discovered that I can categorize my pages....I didn't really know or understand that I can have multiple pages.  And although this discovery may not be shocking to just certainly was a wonderful discovery for me.  This may or may not work but here it goes.....  This is suppose to post on the "School Inspirations" page....
Regardless of my lack of....technological innovation and insight, I plan to use this page to share my thoughts, my inspirations and just some good stuff about art education.
I was introduced to  TEACHING FOR ARTISTIC BEHAVIOR at the beginning of the school year by an amazing art teacher, who personifies what art education should look like. 

TAB seems crazy!  Letting the students decide what to do, how to do it and explore their ideas??  But really how crazy is it?  I am not expressing a full overhaul of art classrooms but I am looking at art education through a new lens.  Well, maybe a more focused lens.

There are national educational initiatives that seem to be instilling a bit of anxiety amongst art teachers, "OH NO! how are we going to be literacy teachers"?  Yikes.  But really, what does that mean?  To be literate in a field of study, you have an understanding of concepts and rooted ideas that provide greater insight on what you do, your perspectives on various issues and your ability to use information to conclude on a topic.  As a fellow teacher said this weekend, "If you don't understand how to read then you are just looking at words."  

Well, if art students do not know how to study, interpret and analyze art  and they do not understand what tools, techniques and materials to use, then they are just making cute pictures.