Saturday, September 15, 2012

International Dot Day, Ish, Wimpy Kids and more....week 3?

International Dot Day at the Palatine Public Library 
was a great success!

It was a great celebration of mark making on Thursday night at the Palatine Public Library.  Students from Sanborn School dropped by with their families to check out the "Dot" Exhibition, listen to the story and make their mark on a large mural. 

The excitement and energy in the room and around the library was really amazing!  The "Dot" Exhibition will be on display until September 27.  Drop on by (if you are in the area) and check it out.

Also, many thanks to the Palatine Public Library staff who welcomed the idea and really went out of their way to make this event a great success.  In my opinion...they made their mark ;-) highlights

It was a really busy week for all grade levels.  Big units and projects have started and I think the year is going to be exciting for them.  (cross your fingers)

First Grade:   Vase-ish.....
As the first graders start getting used to coming to art, I try to loosen up their creative senses and make them feel comfortable with their own abilities.  "ish" is another book by Peter H. Reynolds
First Grade students' Vase-ish
that encourages young students to do their best and not to worry so much about if something looks "right".  The book follows the story of a young boy, Ramon, who begins to look at his accomplishments in a very different way, unlocking the door of his imagination.  My students followed his adventure and participated in some role playing.  The 'crumpled gallery' mimics part of the story, in which Ramon's sister collects all his crumpled 'mistakes' and tapes them to her wall.  After's VASE-ISH...

First/ Second Bilingual:  Developing a Community 
This year we are faced with a challenge of teaching two grades together.  After hours and hours of contemplation and "trying to figure out" how to help these students progress in art class, I got.  I think.  I can't teach them first grade curriculum because half the class already has completed it.  I can't teach them second grade curriculum because the other half is new to the art class world.  So....what do you do?  Create something new :)  Our first 'community' effort is creating necklaces in which we learn that sharing is a key component to working together.  

Second Grade: Me in a picture
Second grade students were showing off a bit this week.  In our journey to see how we connect to our world, we began with a bit of self-observation and creating self-portraits.  I was really amazed to see how far these little guys have come from first grade.  We are only half way through the drawing process, stay tuned for pics!

Third Grade: Just say "hello"
"Yia Sou"---'Hello' in Greek
In part of introducing my third grade students to the world....they need to at least be able to greet me in another language ;-)  Just a simple "hello" could mean so much and open the door of communication and ideas to soooo many more people.  We explored 20 different ways to say "hello" and found the country on the globe, followed by creating a "hello" to post in the school.  Before entering the art room this week, all students had to greet me in a different language. 

Fouth Grade: CSI: ART ROOM
Investigative packet
You's all about getting kids excited to learn.  This theme has shown to be a hit!  Pretending to be private investigators, fourth grade students embraced studying, analyzing and investigating the biography and art of Henri Matisse.  They studied the "crime scene" of  The Red Room (Harmony in Red).  The story is, Henri Matisse has been breaking into homes throughout France and 're-designing' them with his bright colors and a ridiculous amount of patterns.  And somehow....we have to put a stop this.  

Fifth Grade:  Four kids and their dog in the Lascaux Cave
caption from the inside of Lascaux Cave
These students traveled down to the depths of the Lascaux Cave in France to immerse themselves in a prehistoric expedition of cave art!  Aside from their wonderment from an interactive video, these group of fifth graders really came up with thoughtful and interesting inquisitions.  As groups themselves, they will travel down the depths of Palatine, to preserve and communicate their own life.  Stay tuned for pics and the evolution of the unit.
Sixth Grade: Wimping yourself 
In a school with big shot 6th graders, it's great to be a wimp!  It's great to see 6th graders excited about working!!! on anything!  All the 6th graders have really embraced their composition books and hold them with an incredible amount of value.  More so, walking around the school and calling them 'wimps' makes teaching them even more fun!  

Check back next week for updates, leave your comments or just hang in the SMocKroom.

xoxo, SMocK you.