Monday, September 3, 2012

 "Just make a mark and see where it takes you."

My name is Mrs. Angelopoulos and I am the art teacher at Sanborn Elementary School in Palatine.  We survived our first week of classes and, was a tough one!  The first day of school doesn't usually start on a Monday, but it did...and we, teachers, had a full hectic week ahead of us.

But the week went really well....:)

Every year I set a theme for the school.  We have been "goonies", "brutes", "samuris" and "blue dogs", just to name a few.  This year, we are "making our mark" with the idea of a simple dot.  Inspired by the book, The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, all students will focus on even the little things that make them special.  

The student's goal throughout each trimester is to collect 48 marks, from the "make your mark" board and watch a movie.  Hopefully, by June they will watch the end of it.

This idea of mark making and The Dot is the focus for the first all school art show at the Palatine Public Library on September 13, in celebration of International Dot Day!  Over 500 'dots' will be on display from my students. 

This wonderful, short but inspiring story tells the journey of one little girl who "just can't draw" and her art teacher her encouraged her to "sign it".

Watch the story here The Dot.
Teachers join the movement here International Dot Day