Friday, September 7, 2012

It all starts with a bit of inspiration and imagination...

First grade student painting her dot
Throughout the first couple of weeks of schools, I like to get to know my students all over again.  All the students seem to have really loved just painting a dot and were inspired by Vasht's story.  From the little guys to the big guys, there was nothing better than to see them loosen up a bit and just paint.  I am really excited for next week and the big art show at the public library.

 I, also, began designing and creating the art lessons for the.....trimester (or more so...the next 4-6 weeks).  One of my most favorite things to do, as an art teacher, is thinking up new ways to teach something...and new lessons for my students to be enthusiastic about.  So, I create themes for every grade level.  I know!  It sounds nuts and crazy, but in the end it's all worth it when the students retain what they have learned and are excited to come to class.

First Grade:  First Grade's Art Adventure with Anna
Because when you gotta go...
All first grade students journey through a wonderful picture book, in search of something very important...a toilet.  Along the way, they meet artists like Picasso, Matisse and the one that makes a big mess....Pollock.

Exploring the globe

Second Grade:  Me in my world 
Second grade will explore how they fit into this big, big world.  Starting with themselves they will slowly grow their understanding and appreciation for their identity, their family, community, their city, their state and their country.....and if we have time...a little bit of the world.

Third Grade: Around the ART World with 
The little sketch is of me and my husband

Yianna and Helios
Extending their knowledge from second grade, third grade will travel around the continents, through some cities and around the globe learning a bit of history and lots of art.  First stop France for some ratatouille and a basket of apples from Cezanne.  Commentary and audio recordings from Yianna and Helios will make their adventure even better!  and pretty funny.:)

Fouth Grade:  CSI: ARTROOM
This is my effort to encourage my students to stop and look (more so: study, interpret and analyze) artwork.  Master artists will cause some sort of mayhem and the students will be investigating the 'crime scene'.  First suspect...Henri Matisse...there is speculation that he has been renovating homes in France with bright colors and a ridiculous amount of mismatched patterns.  Crazy guy...
Fifth Grade:  From Ancient to Modern-connecting our past to the present
This theme really emphasizes the influences and inspirations that are past down throughout time.  Call me a romantic or a just a dork, but I really appreciate a pinhole camera and the smell of oil paints in a not so elementary world.  And I think even though we advance forward, it's important to know an understand the evolution of ideas and objects.  So, fifth graders do just that...the connect past to present.  We start with the caves at Lascaux, France and graffiti, emphasizing communication and storytelling.

Sixth Grade:  The Identity of a Wimpy 6th Grader 
Mrs. Angelopoulos as a Wimpy Kid
Identity, the one thing that 6th graders strive to find, even if they are not looking.  Throughout the year we explore, investigate and analyze ourselves, in hopes of building a bit a character in pre-teens.  To make this self-reflective journey fun and engaging, I have declared them 'Wimps' (yes, I do say it out loud) and they have to find their strengths.

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